Thursday, November 22, 2012

November - Thankfulness

I know I know, lists are lazy writing. However, I've been so busy enjoying the things on this list I haven't taken the time to expound on my daily thankfulness here. Therefore:

Thirty days of Grateful in one shot - GO!

1. Jesus: for leading the way and loving me anyway
2. Dale: hunh, kinda like Jesus, minus the Evelasting Life Giver part plus a few Earthly delights (WHAT? We both enjoy goat cheese!)
3. Seth: for his lumbering, good spirits and the joy of watching him grow up
4. Skyler: for his witty sense of humor and always asking if I've had a good day
5. Paige: for her funny laugh and gentle heart
6. Naomi: for her artistry, love of reading, and cuddliness
7. My parents: for teaching me values and their constant support
8. My sister: for being my best friend
9. My church: for continuing to challenge and inspire and care
10. Our home: for the warm feelings experienced there and protection from the elements
11. My job: for the cash (let's be real) and for the daily opportunity to make a difference
12. My co-workers: for loving people over process and always helping out
13. My friends: for sharing laughs, tears and always making plans for more
14. Annual passes: even if we only go twice I feel like we've won the lottery a little (scratchers count)
15. Nature walks: nothing like a breath of fresh air, an adventure always waiting to happen
16. Story books: for expanding my mind while connecting me to the experience of others
17. Medical science: because it's just fascinating, plus it helps people
18. Adventure movies: I don't go to be bummed out or grossed out, thrill me!
19. Garden fresh produce: I can't believe we're still getting chard after a month of frosts!
20. Spices: it's amazing what one can do with cumin and nutmeg and a little creativity
21. Dessert: specifically ice cream, cheesecake and pie. And cookies. And cobbler...
22. Pandora: expanded our family tastes and keeps evolving
23. 12 hour lip gloss: for keeping the busy mom puckery-beautiful (ha!)
24. Tea: for providing lots of overseas jobs and replacing coffee in a mostly acceptable manner
25. My dog: because caring about an animal is good for the soul
26. Family game night: it's rare, but always interesting
27. Chocolate: nothing chocolate-flavored, but the real stuff can be a game changer in our home
28. Art supplies: I'm not crafty, but brushes and paper and pencils and pastels are full of possibility
29. The Internet: for so, so many reasons
30. Health, wealth, and ability to treasure all of the above

Happy Thanksgiving!